Sunday, July 22, 2012

Make Way for Emergency Vehicles Please

The recent accident covered on the news involving a police officer, a BMW and several other cars in Atlanta makes me think… Today, “je pense” about safety on the roads.

It reminds me of many incidences I have seen that could have lead to an accident. I will be praying for those who were injured, as we all should. My mother and I recently witnessed a fire engine in full emergency mode have to maneuver through traffic that did not move out of his way.  The fire engine even had to come to a complete stop at an intersection and slow to under 30 mph on the street.  The truck had full lights, siren and horn activity going, but drivers still did not pull to the right.  My mother commented, "you should blog about this."  

So I am... See the Rants page for the full article...

~Windy City Diva