Friday, April 6, 2012

Rebirth...Of You

There are spiritual, religious and esoteric definitions and uses of the word rebirth. Easter for Christians is a time of rebirth acknowledging the sacrifice the bible teaches Jesus Christ made for the sins of those who believe in God.

Rebirth does not only refer to sins and those things spiritual. How about a rebirth of belief in ones abilities, life path and indeed in oneself? How about the rejuvenation or rebirth of a dream for your life? I read a horoscope the other day that said you can start over at anytime in your life. You can begin again, anew at any point in your day, your week, year or life. I wrote earlier in the year about the significance of New Year’s Eve because my son inquired. It occurred to me through subsequent conversations that the reason he didn’t see the point was because I have always taught him that every minute of every day is a new opportunity to change that which you do not want, like or need in your life. He could start in that moment regardless of the moment. Rebirth is that. We decide daily, minute by minute what we do and do not want in our lives by our action and our inaction. You may think and even SAY you have decided to make a change, but until you ACT on that change, in fact you have decided to do exactly what you are doing. Action is the deciding factor and it speaks volumes.

I frequently use New Year’s and the 12 days until my birthday as my measuring time to see how I have done in the last 12 – 24 months. If the desired goals have been not met, not seen or even forgotten, I try to remind myself of them through reviewing journals, reasons for the goals and evaluate were they real then, are they applicable now, and are they still relevant? Adjustments need to be made, goals adjusted, steps lined up and then every day after, I need to be reborn into the new mindset of achieving those goals through the steps. Therein lies the challenge. Action, follow through and consistency need to follow the rebirth.

You can go to your place of worship, meditate and engage in whatever form of support and lessons you have, but if you do not follow through on the decisions with actions, your rebirth stagnates.

Not just because it is Easter for Christians but because it is time, a rebirth in me is coming. I hope you join me.