Monday, January 2, 2012

Why is New Year's Eve so Important to People?

Welcome to 2012!
I was asked a question, "why are people so excited about New Year's Eve"? I found myself unable to answer with anything more intelligently than, "it is different for each person". The fact that I didn't have any more of an answer than that when I am normally so verbose caused me to think.

I realized I was correct in my short answer, but I wanted to give him more to consider. I told him for the government, citizens in the US and most businesses it means a fiscal year change and tax time is coming. For the general population, many people celebrate NYE because it is a way to close one year of events and begin with a new slate. I was once one of those people until I realized I can make the decision to change an aspect or my entire life at anytime, not just January 1st of the following year. We have the power to make those changes at anytime.

I also thought of what it meant to me when I was too young to think about changing at a particular time of the year, and had nothing to do with filing my taxes. The NYE parties are the best of the year. It is generally a party for everybody to enjoy not featuring any one person.

I do still check in on my goals around the first of the year, but primarily because my birthday is in January and that is my personal fiscal year. I have goals set by my age and this gives me a few days to check in and make adjustments and check more off the list.

Happy New Year and May 2012 take us to the heights only we can take ourselves to.

Windy City Diva