Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is Like A Card Game

Life is like a card game you play on your phone or mobile device. You can’t control the hand you are dealt, you can only play it.  Unlike the computer versions of the card games, there is no undo option, so when you choose your next strategic move, you are stuck with it-right or wrong.  When you do not complete the game but instead have to start over, again you do not control the hand you are dealt you simply have to play it.
Also like in life, sometimes you are faced with the same choice of moves to make, but the choice is more difficult because you know, or believe you know that the last one was not a success. The key to decision-making is knowing that even though it is the same move, it may not yield the same results because it is a completely different hand.  Sometimes a different move or play is necessary, but sometimes the same one, because it is not that the move was wrong, just that the hand you were dealt was not in your favor. 
So learn from previous choices, identifying whether or not the choices you made were the best for that situation, if it wasn’t, then why not; and if it was, then why did it not yield the anticipated results? 
The other consideration in reviewing your decision-making is whether or not it is a “move” you keep in your arsenal for a different time, or do you just pitch it?
These were just my two cents from a personal revelation.