Saturday, November 19, 2011


The kind that move you from one stage in your understanding to the next.

These types of revelations will be the topic of the next series of blog articles.  I look forward to the chatter that will hopefully erupt from this topic.

I am studying karma and the chakras.  In addition, I am on a search within to find my nature and live a more authentic life.  The more I read, meditate and listen, the deeper my understanding and beliefs become.  My faith growing up provided me with a solid foundation of spirituality.  The relationship between our thoughts and focus, the knowing of who we are, where we are and that our good is right in front of us.  There are complications, and life that get in the way of our belief that not only does everything happen for a reason, but that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, when we are there.  These hundreds of years of beliefs have become platitudes that people throw around when they are trying to make someone feel well.  The reality is that we do not give them the weight they deserve.  I am working to remind myself of what they really mean.

The goal of this blog topic line is primarily to share my search, but also to assist anyone if they may be on a path of finding their true nature, calling or way of living while still trying to live daily. 

How do you define yourself?  I am a writer.

Windy City Diva

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