Saturday, November 19, 2011


The kind that move you from one stage in your understanding to the next.

These types of revelations will be the topic of the next series of blog articles.  I look forward to the chatter that will hopefully erupt from this topic.

I am studying karma and the chakras.  In addition, I am on a search within to find my nature and live a more authentic life.  The more I read, meditate and listen, the deeper my understanding and beliefs become.  My faith growing up provided me with a solid foundation of spirituality.  The relationship between our thoughts and focus, the knowing of who we are, where we are and that our good is right in front of us.  There are complications, and life that get in the way of our belief that not only does everything happen for a reason, but that we are exactly where we are supposed to be, when we are there.  These hundreds of years of beliefs have become platitudes that people throw around when they are trying to make someone feel well.  The reality is that we do not give them the weight they deserve.  I am working to remind myself of what they really mean.

The goal of this blog topic line is primarily to share my search, but also to assist anyone if they may be on a path of finding their true nature, calling or way of living while still trying to live daily. 

How do you define yourself?  I am a writer.

Windy City Diva

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Health: Live Daily - Breast Cancer

Another lost to Breast Cancer… There are some things we get to choose in life and so many others that we don’t. It is our responsibility to ourselves, our spirit and our development to make wise decisions with every second. Time is not to be wasted. Breast Cancer took another beautiful light from our world yesterday. She was a Mom and a friend. Seconds count. Those seconds lead to minutes, to hours, to days, to months and yes to years. Live your life with authenticity and be true to yourself, your values and what is right every second of every day.
  • Who are you? Who do you want to be?
  • Where are you in life? Where do you want to be?
If the answers to those two lines of questions do not sync, then begin today to change that.
It has been said so many times but bears repeating, “tomorrow is not promised, so live today to the fullest”.
Note: This article is also posted on my new blog site where all health related articles will be moved to.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biofeedback - A New Experience

I attended a BioFeedback session today.  When I shared a brief version of the result to a great friend who is knowledgeable in physiology she responded as if was a "good" thing that I was in parasympathetic mode. That was not the way it was described to me by the doctor who had performed the BioFeedback analysis.  While I was already planning to research it, this confused me.

This started because last year I experienced an infection of some sort in my colon/stomach area.  It remains undiagnosed beyond a belief that I picked up a parasite during my time in Mexico and it resides in my ileo-cecal valve.  I call it my stomach critter.  I have been managing it with natural supplements.  I thought I was better so I laid off the supplements.  It seemed to be alright for weeks, but it is currently irritated again.  I decided to try this biofeedback analysis since I saw a location where the analysis was free.

It was an interesting experience.  She put a band on my head to measure brain waves and a fiber optic electrode which I was to hold in my thumb & forefinger tips. The point was to measure blood flow starting at the base of the brain moving through the various sections of the brain. Next would be organs.
  • My blood flow was so low throughout my brain that it did not measure, or meet the threshold. She could see it, but it was not strong enough to ring the bell, shall we say. (Needless to say, it is good she was not measuring my blood pressure because it must have skyrocketed.) The doctor said this indicated to her that my body was in repair mode as if I were sleeping, or parasympathetic mode.
  • The same was the case when it measured blood flow near my major organs. She could see the blood flow but it did not reach the threshold. She said it was suppressed by inflammation that was creating friction which will not allow blood to flow normally.  This lowers oxygen to the body,
  • We covered my lack of sleeping recently, waking still feeling tired, low energy, more than 10 pound weight loss since July 26th or so and the various pains that pop up out of nowhere.
  • With that in mind, she believes the ileo cecal valve in my colon has a fungus rather than a parasite, virus or bacteria. She believes when I stop with the supplements which keep a flora balance in my colon and keeps down inflammation naturally, that the fungus grows and creates the inflammation.
  • This lead her to my ask about acidic levels and cancer in my family, which I have quite a bit of.

For now, she gave me (free) some acid strip tests to see what the levels are, some Kosher Baking Soda to try to calm the acid in my gut (which I do not feel), and said my supplements seem to help me, but the goal is to find the fungus and kill it.

The parasympathetic nervous system seems to be the healing one, rather than flight or fight (sympathetic), so I am not finding the correlation to what she described in my research. It makes sense in theory, but I am still looking for the scientific links, which I may have just come across, but I need to qualify it. This parasympathetic part of the nervous system and biofeedback seem to be psychological in nature that manifests physically but I could not manifest fungus in my gut from my brain.

Still looking...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Epiphany About Self-Awareness

Repost from June 2010, seemed worth repeating.

I had an epiphany today and I thought I would share it. I, like everyone have made decisions that in retrospect were probably not the best even though they may have seemed so at the time. In the last 2 or 3 years I have reflected on many of my decisions and regretted them. I kept telling myself that I had to reflect and dissect in order to not repeat them. But I really think I have been attracting the same types of activity and decision patterns. Today I realized that regretting these decisions and then focusing on them to dissect them only holds me back. I know this is not new information but it is certainly eye-opening for me because I really thought I was doing the right thing by trying to learn from my choices that I don't in retrospect care for. Learn yes, wallow in, no. That is the epiphany. I can and should learn from them but without staying so focused that I'm living in it.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life is Like A Card Game

Life is like a card game you play on your phone or mobile device. You can’t control the hand you are dealt, you can only play it.  Unlike the computer versions of the card games, there is no undo option, so when you choose your next strategic move, you are stuck with it-right or wrong.  When you do not complete the game but instead have to start over, again you do not control the hand you are dealt you simply have to play it.
Also like in life, sometimes you are faced with the same choice of moves to make, but the choice is more difficult because you know, or believe you know that the last one was not a success. The key to decision-making is knowing that even though it is the same move, it may not yield the same results because it is a completely different hand.  Sometimes a different move or play is necessary, but sometimes the same one, because it is not that the move was wrong, just that the hand you were dealt was not in your favor. 
So learn from previous choices, identifying whether or not the choices you made were the best for that situation, if it wasn’t, then why not; and if it was, then why did it not yield the anticipated results? 
The other consideration in reviewing your decision-making is whether or not it is a “move” you keep in your arsenal for a different time, or do you just pitch it?
These were just my two cents from a personal revelation.