Saturday, June 5, 2010

Education Choices

With the condition of education in this country, especially public schools in large cities, homeschooling is becoming a viable option. The cost can be prohibitive and the claim that there are scholarships out there to cover the cost is an interesting one. You have to be so poor, or your child so bright to receive those scholarships that the middle of the road kids don’t fit into either category.

The violence in and around the schools in Chicago makes it more pressing to not want your child going to school. The classes have doubled and even tripled in some areas. The “Leave No Child Behind Act” has left entire areas behind and not just underprivileged ones. In some areas of Chicago, it has taken top national flight schools to 43 students per class instead of 18 – 25, not enough books and definitely not enough desks and funding to buy more. What are the choices? Move, home school or hope it gets better or that your child makes it out with an education and their life. Sadly for too many parents, homeschooling and moving are not options, so they pray. I home school.

30 Day Blog Challenge #blog30 Day 4

Windy City Diva

Friday, June 4, 2010

Migraines - Where do they come from? & What to do with them?

I have a migraine today. When the pain started, it was sudden and out of the blue. I had a mild one last night, but I seemed to have slept it off when I finally got up this morning. It had been a rocky night but it all worked.

Earlier today... I was going about my day normally, working on my computer. I was placing a Mary Kay order on line and BAM there it was! Blinding pain across my face like someone hit me in it with a blunt object. Oh and there is the other component… the sharp, tightening pain shooting up into my skull along the back of the neck. Oh yes, this is a migraine. The computer screen is bright, too bright, that confirms that it is a migraine. I think holding my face will work. I think my brain is trying to escape. I don’t know where it’s trying to go, but it certainly is making a break for it and taking my eyeballs with it. 
Meds, I need meds and wait, I have to finish what I’m doing. Oh no! Bright computer screen, bad bright computer screen! I wish I could see it well enough to turn it down. That is not going to happen. Meds, hot tea, darkness, quiet, power nap… that is the prescription. If it wasn’t 4:30 in the afternoon I would just go to bed.

So, where do migraines come from? Some people say it’s hereditary, if it is in your family you are doomed. Okay, but then what makes them strike? There timing seems to be random. I have had migraines since I was a teenager. They seem to have interesting triggers like flashing lights from a camera, or a light reflecting off of a mirror, or oh better! Those new halogen lights on cars really hurt especially at night with foggy conditions. The other trigger, the main trigger is stress. So, now that I am awake and it feels a little better, not completely relieved, but certainly better, writing will have to help relieve some stress. If I could walk without wondering why the world is shaking, I might exercise a bit. But alas, sitting in my bed writing, er typing will have to suffice.

Windy City Diva

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Dog Park

The dog park…

As I mentioned my blog is about all things Chicago. One of the qualities I have always valued is how pet-friendly this city is. We have a Shiba Inu / Shepherd mix. She’s four years old with no sign of slowing down at all. She went to the dog park today and ran circles around the other dogs. That is not at all what catches my interest today however…

There is an interesting dynamic that occurs among pet owners, particularly between dog owners. A certain type of socialization is required for both the pet and the owners. I find the whole dynamic very stressful. I love dogs but some of them are just very aggressive and my dog does not take kindly to being bullied.

I was walking with her towards the dog park and two rather large dogs were coming out of the park. The three dogs looked at each other for approximately 30 seconds and the barking and snapping began. The other two dogs were a Mastiff looking dog and pit mix looking one. The Mastiff growled and my dog barked and lunged. Since she had her puppies, her aggression level has increased by 200%. It took all the strength we had to keep the dogs apart. I needed a hot toddy after that encounter.

That is stressful for me. She loves the exercise and the other owners are great, salt of the earth people, but I am far too high strung, anxious for such activities.

I love dogs and hanging out with other pet owners, but I wish there was a way for me to relax and enjoy it.


Windy City Diva

Blogging for 30 Days

The 30 Day Blog Challenge  Day 1 (06-02-2010)

I am really excited to challenge myself to write daily. I have so many ambitions when it comes to writing but I always seem to hit the "pause" out of angst of having an audience. So this challenge will hopefully get me in the habit of writing, over and through my angst and upward & onward with my writing career.

I am in the process of writing a novel, but also dream of having an international travel writing career. I have traveled internationally all of my life and thrive on learning and experiencing new cultures. I want to live abroad absorbing the various cultures and teaching those cultural differences to Americans and others with the same interests or curiosity.

My personal interests reach well beyond traveling. I have a few pet projects and topics. I am always interested in random health issues such as brain cancer, TIAs, strokes, side effects of aspartame & other non-food additives in food, abdominal migraines and side effects of medicines in healthy people. My mind and interests sometimes wander off to parenting & other children’s issues, healthy eating, emotional stability, women’s issues and other sensitive issues women face.

This is my introduction and plan for what my blog and writing will become.