Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lessons in the Breeze, Novel Excerpt

"This cool, refreshing breeze sitting on the deck with the glass of red wine is just what the doctor ordered.  The beautiful blonde dog is not mine, but she has seen fit to become my companion on this deck.  Oddly, I welcome the silent partner.  She doesn’t ask much of me, which is perfect since I haven’t much to give.

My dreams lately have been forcing me to confront people and situations of the past with an ominous foreboding of how a next meeting may go.  After several consecutive nights of this, I have decided the message my sub-conscious is not so subtly trying to convey is for me to stop looking back.  Stop regretting.  I know it consciously, but apparently I have more to process.

My second glass of Shiraz by 2:30 in the afternoon may seem a bit excessive, but with the world crashing in on my chest like a baby elephant settling in for a nap, it is quite necessary."
  ~~ excerpt from "Leap of Faith" my novel in the works

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