Monday, August 2, 2010

Je Pense... American Made, American Products Please

Je pense... and everyone has been entitled to my "I think" statements since I was 2.

What brings this particular topic to mind is BP and the plethora of other malfunctions we have seen this year from foreign companies and foreign made products.
The list of recalls is increasing and who really believes Toyota at this point?
    Haven't we had enough of the imported goods that are not really "goods"?
        Haven't we had enough of the loss of jobs and the loss of quality checks by the US?

People can complain about big government, the oversight and even the cost of the oversight! But what about the cost of job loss because manufacturing has been sent overseas? What about the loss of life because of poor quality measures? What about the cost of treatment for lead poisoning?
I think American companies need to bring American goods manufacturing back into the United States and boycott any companies who insist on selling inferior products made in foreign countries to pad their bottom line. We may need to go back to a simpler time of having less trinkets, because let's face it, how many toy necklaces and Happy Meal toys do our kids really need?  I have personally thrown away no less than one hundred of those broken little pieces of junk.  There are empty warehouses littered across our country, right next to the empty dinner tables due to the job loss and landfills full of the junk being sent here that we discard because it wasn't worth keeping.
What do you think?

Windy City Diva

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