Friday, August 6, 2010

Customer Service - A Dying Art?

As small business owners we have to be extremely focused on providing customer service since every customer is important for cash flow, referrals and repeat business.  We understand the necessity of phone calls, following through on promises and remembering the role of the customer in our business.

I think the larger, established companies have forgotten the essential role of customer service and customer satisfaction.  In the last several months I have witnessed a myriad of assaults on the entire premise of "customer service". 

If you promise a contract or proposal by a certain date and time - deliver.
If you promise a call back with status or information, do the research and make the call when promised.
Most importantly, provide the service you are paid to provide and give refunds when you do not.  It is called integrity.

On my list of never do business with again because of lack of customer service:
  1. ServiceMaster - added to the growing list today.
  2. HP
  3. Ameriplan
  4. Sprint
  5. ComEd
There's more and I will update it, but it is really a reminder that the larger your enterprise, the more difficult to control quality.

Windy City Diva

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