Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vitamin Supplements that WORK!

Arthritic knees – lubricated; restless sleepy nights – eliminated; lulling energy because of restless nights – energy up! Here’s how!

I recently learned about a new vitamin supplement that has real potential to be beneficial (another health topic). With all of my recent health challenges my mom went seeking a liquid multi-vitamin. (Liquid vitamins as many of you may know have a higher level of absorption and for those of us with aversions to pills, are easier to take.) She not only found one for me, but found some healing for herself.

She has been taking this supplement for 3 weeks now and is already feeling benefits. First her knees, which are typically stiff from arthritis have been easier to move standing up from low places or after sitting for extended periods.  Since she has been taking this super powered liquid multi-vitamin, she can stand without getting stuck.  My mom reports that she is sleeping through the night and waking up feeling the best she has in years.  Typically, she has to take a sleeping aid once or twice a week to sleep through the night.  She is the most well-rested and has more energy during the day.  I have placed my order and am looking forward to starting on it myself.  I will certainly blog specifically about it as I start taking it in a week or so when I receive it.

Windy City Diva

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