Saturday, June 19, 2010

Retooling, Redesigning... Progress

This 30 day blog challenge has enlightened me already about my potential as a blogger and maybe what the main challenge is - topic or subject balance!  I write about topics all across the board so how do I gather an audience interested in something who will read what I have to say?  Well I have it figured out now, maybe.  I have two different blog sites and I always intended for them to be different and separate and that is how I should direct my focus.  I really appreciate this challenge for getting me to focus on writing regularly and reading other's blogs and information.  That has helped me focus and redesign.

One blog for entertainment around Chicago (my business) and one for my musings and sounding off (my passions)!  It's perfect.  So if you are following me on this one because you enjoy my random musings, inspirational thoughts as I get them or find them, visit me at If your interest however is Chicago and all things entertainment in Chicago, stay here.  I would love it and appreciate it if you follow both! :-)

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