Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fraud Career Claims??

Are you a fraud in your career or in some area of your life? And is it a good thing?

Fraud is a funny word. According to there are several definitions of fraud, but the one that appears most relevant to this topic is “a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur”.

Have you heard the phrase, “fake it ‘till you make it”? I have. I am in the process of retooling my life and in so doing, I am claiming my new future every chance I get. My church always taught you to claim the good things in life and God will help you bring it into reality if it is for you. Even the law of attraction says what you focus on, you bring about by drawing it to you. I could quote many clich├ęs but I think you get the point. I certainly do.

So here is my quandary, why do I feel like a fraud? And how do I stop? I am not trying to deceive anyone by claiming my rightful future that I am working towards. I am actually trying to make sure the universe and my spirit know where I am trying to go. That does not make me a fraud does it? My supportive friend says no, as does an article I just read on the Oprah site, but how do I stop feeling like I am presenting myself as something I am not? There was an article with tips how to do it and the two parts I have to increase are the visualizing and the action. From that article, I have my vision board up and in front of me and am writing this blog to increase my visibility and my practice writing.

I of course currently still feel a little like a fraud but hopefully the more I claim it and act it, the less I will feel that way. Also, the more I act on it, the more activity there will be for me as a freelance writer and an event planner.

Windy City Diva


  1. I think that you are DOING IT! It is not fraud but your reality. Every biography I have read keep keeping their eye on the prize. Even when discouraged somebody encouraged them.
    Keep up the great writing, you have a strong voice

  2. You are not a fraud. You just haven't accepted the qualities that make you unique...yet. Sometimes you need to have the vision first before you start walking in your own footsteps.
    I have my clients do an exercise to describe "who they are and who they aspire to be". And the truth is you can't aspire to be something you are not. You already have those just haven't owned it yet.

  3. Oh my God thank you both! I really can not believe how affirming this networking is. Thank you. I keep telling myself I have to claim it.
    Idea Coach thank you for saying I have a strong voice. That has been more than 1/2 of my challenge, wondering if others will like my style of writing. It's just me.
    Thank you both again.


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