Saturday, June 5, 2010

Education Choices

With the condition of education in this country, especially public schools in large cities, homeschooling is becoming a viable option. The cost can be prohibitive and the claim that there are scholarships out there to cover the cost is an interesting one. You have to be so poor, or your child so bright to receive those scholarships that the middle of the road kids don’t fit into either category.

The violence in and around the schools in Chicago makes it more pressing to not want your child going to school. The classes have doubled and even tripled in some areas. The “Leave No Child Behind Act” has left entire areas behind and not just underprivileged ones. In some areas of Chicago, it has taken top national flight schools to 43 students per class instead of 18 – 25, not enough books and definitely not enough desks and funding to buy more. What are the choices? Move, home school or hope it gets better or that your child makes it out with an education and their life. Sadly for too many parents, homeschooling and moving are not options, so they pray. I home school.

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