Friday, June 11, 2010

Chicagoans & Sports

We are definitely a sports town. I was recently asked if Chicagoans pay attention to all sports or just specific ones. Now, who would answer such a general question and be so bold as to speak for “all Chicagoans”? Me. I answered , “we love all of our teams even if we don’t follow the sport”, and I proceeded to list the Chicago teams of all of the sports including the ones I don’t necessarily follow but I certainly knew their names and whether or not they are doing well. I named many sports bars to attend The listener was skeptical and a little shocked that I was so sure that Chicagoans support “all sports Chicago” but I think I was vindicated today. 2 million people on Michigan Avenue and running through the streets after the Blackhawks in support of them winning the Stanley Cup.

Chicagoans love our sports teams! We support our lovable losers year after year and when our teams win we show our appreciation of them.


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