Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ranting... American Airlines

AA has the audacity to charge for every checked bag and have a limit of only 50 pounds! To further the absurdity you're only allowed two carry-on and now all of a sudden purses and briefcases count as a carry-on bag. 

Well, after I paid $100 for my 4 checked bags for myself and my son we simply stopped and over-stuffed our checked luggage that had already been weighed and paid for. 

Then! The flight attendant was rude. While in flight, she was passing out orange juice to select passengers and when I asked for a Coke she said they would be around in a minute. I am currently waiting. I don't see them even starting to come down the aisle with beverage service. What was so special about those passengers; or what made it okay for her to not say, "sure" and bring me a cup of Coke even if she was about to have full cart service. 

As an airline brat of 25 years and almost 40 years of flying this crew was one of the least customer service oriented ones I have ever experienced. The 1st Class Steward literally had a scowl and looked down his nose as he walked through Coach Class to say, "seat belts on". Oh American lost part of my business with charging for carry-on and the flight crew lost it for them the rest of the way. 

Delta, you're up next! 

 Wind Chill

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